Novemeber 2019

ALLOT is an government-issued scheme, introducing radical changes to daily life to combat the unprecedented overpopulation of cities in 2050, which has made food, water and space scarce. All green spaces have been eradicated as ‘unnecessary’, and been replaced with high-rise tower blocks which accommodate all city dwellers. Residents are responsible for their own food systems – each floor of a block grows a different vegetable, which are given to the communal kitchen when ready.

Communal eating eradicates the waste of space that would be private kitchens and dining rooms. Individual vegetable patches supplied to the residents double up as furniture for space efficiency. The vegetables themselves are genetically engineered to grow from seed to full size in two weeks, and to grow into cubes – this ensures no space is wasted when stacked, and keeps the produce the same size and weight, preventing competition between the residents.

w/ Izi Thexton + Meg Turvey