Future Farm

May 2022

An aquaponic farm and bench all in one. Future Farm utilises fish excrement to grow new produce for the community in a circular economy.

Future Farm has evolved from research findings into pioneering methods of growing and producing food in cities. Printed are a range of case studies which explore the themes of food, sustainability and the city. The case studies aim to initiate conversations about the large impact of the current food production systems on the planet.

Passers-by are invited to feed the fish which acts as the system input in the aquaponic process. The fish excrement flows up the tube to the growbed where  bacteria in a biofilter breaks everything down into  organic nutrient solution, used to help grow the vegetables. The plants take the nutrients leaving clean water which is pumped back into the fish tank. Members of the community are then invited to harvest the fresh produce and take it home to cook with and enjoy.

Existing documentaries and books can only do so much to educate. This interactive bench not only serves to educate through written information, but also gives the public a first-hand opportunity to encounter the future of farming within city spaces. From young to old, Future Farm aims to spread awareness about the rising issues the world faces and hopes to bring around positive change.