I Will Knot.

January 2020

On the 31st of January, the day that the UK left the European Union, we asked the public to help reunite refugee families.

Family ties are currently being broken by the UK’s unfair restriction on refugee family reunion, keeping loved ones thousands of miles apart. We asked people to symbolically help us to close the gap by tying their signed piece of fabric to a structure representing the journey from Syria, the country from which the highest number of refugees come to the UK. This was their pledge to ‘knot’ support the governments inhumane policy and to call for the widening of the eligibility criteria for family reunion to recognise all relationships where the family are dependent on the refugee.
We will knot break family ties.

w/ Vera Frommelt, Maili Knowles-Lee, Chiara Piccirillo + Latifa Powell. In collaboration with Amnesty International. 

Showcased at KSA Campaigns For: Exhibition where I was part of the branding team. Check it out here.

Shortlisted for a Creative Conscience Award in 2020