Pigeon Towers

January–April 2021

Is it an ubran mushroom farm? Is it a pigeon tower? Is it a pile of compost?

The mycelium pigeon tower is a constant process of one state moving into the next. After the mushroom harvest, the old mycelium bricks are used to build a tower, a tower aspiring to become soil, the soil bringing forth the corn, the corn eaten by resident pigeons that fertilize the soil with their droppings while corn foliage is turned into blocks of mycelium substrate to once again grow mushrooms.

The pigeon tower project is a collaboration between Amsterdam based arts centre - Mediamatic and creative innovator - Arne Hendriks, utilising waste mycelium from the oyster mushroom industry.

As the graphic design intern at Mediamatic I was responsible for designing and constructing the signage for the project alongside helping to build the towers. 

The project is still ongoing. Read more about the Pigeon Tower project on the Mediamatic website here.